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Intellectual Property Rights
Any and all rights to the trade names, trademarks and logos used on this website and belonging to Toshiba, its group companies, or other companies are protected under the Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law and other applicable laws. Use of the above without authorization from Toshiba, its group companies or other companies that hold rights is prohibited.
For copyright, please visit the page about "Copyright".
Prohibited Actions
In the use of this website, the actions listed below are prohibited:
The following actions with respect to Toshiba or any of its group companies, their officers or employees, or any other companies, organizations or individuals
Libels or threats
Actions resulting in disadvantage or damage
Actions that are illegal or may be illegal
Actions detrimental to public order and morality
Providing a link using the link image
When providing a link using a text, use the following description in the HTML file.
Use of the link image is permitted only in the above description and any alteration of the size of the link image is strictly prohibited.
Downloading of the above link image is prohibited. To use the link image, directly specify the URL of Toshiba server.
Use of the above link image is permitted only for providing a link to the top page of the Toshiba website. Use of the link image for any other purposes is strictly prohibited.
Proposals from Customers
Regarding proposals concerning products, technologies, manufacturing and / or sales methods, designs, etc., submitted to Toshiba by its customers, unless Toshiba specifically requests customers to do so, Toshiba does not review any proposals from customers except those that come within the scope of "proposals to be reviewed", described below.
Regarding proposals that are not "proposals to be reviewed" Toshiba assumes no obligation to maintain confidentiality of such proposals and assumes no obligation to review such proposals.
Proposals to be Reviewed
Patent, design or trademark the right to which is registered with the Patent Office.
A utility model the right to which is registered with the Patent Office and to which a registrability report issued by the Patent Office is attached, which facilitates judgment concerning validity of the right, and the document states that "6. No prior art documents can be found".
Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction
Unless otherwise specified, use of this website and application of the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall be exclusively the court of first jurisdiction for all disputes related to this website
Export Control
In the case of exporting (including transporting to a country outside Japan and disclosing to non-residents in Japan) technologies or programs obtained from this website or products purchased from this website, you are required to comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, the U.S. Export Administration Act and any other applicable laws and regulations.
Linked Sites;
Third parties' websites linked to or from this website ("linked third parties' websites"), except those of group companies of Toshiba, are administered by such third parties at their own responsibility. Provision of a link to and from this website does not imply that Toshiba has any special relationship with parties operating linked third parties' websites or that Toshiba recommends the contents of linked third parties' websites. Toshiba assumes no responsibility for the contents of linked third parties' sites or use of such sites.
Toshiba Web Accessibility Policy
For Toshiba Web Accessibility Policy, please visit the page about "Toshiba Web Accessibility".
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