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Since 1928, Toshiba has been supplying steam and gas turbines many of its customers around the world. Day and night, these turbines continue to provide safe, reliable and efficient source of electrical energy to the many nations they serve. Toshiba provides a vast range of turbine products - from several megawatts back pressure turbines to over 1,000MW supercritical turbines. In February 1997, Toshiba Corporation reached the rare milestone of having produced turbine products whose total generating capacity exceeds 100,000,000KW (100 GigaWatts). The total number of units produced to achieve the 100GW mark was 1,671, manufactured during the company's 70-year history as the industry leader and Toshiba continues to expand its production to supply electricity to every household in the world.

The history of steam turbine can be interpreted as the advancement of efficiency by improved steam turbine conditions and enlargement of unit capacity by longer last stage blade.
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