JSW Group Toshiba Corporation
Procurement Items
 Thermal Power Equipment
Turbine Casing, Blade, Rotor, and Steam Valve Casing Materials
Tube Materials for Heat Exchangers
Pipes, Fittings, and Valves
Generator Shaft Materials
Electrical Steel Materials
Copper Materials for Stators and Rotor Coils
If you wish to enlist / contact us for an inquiry please send the following information to TJPS-procurement@toshiba-tjps.in
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Thermal Power Equipment
Power Cycle Pumps ( Boiler Feed Pump, Condensate Extraction Pumps )
Heat Exchanger Tubes, Plates, bars and forgings
Vacuum Pumps and Steam Ejectors
Pipes and Fittings
EOT cranes
Condensate Polishing Plants
Instruments and valves
Dry Type Transformers and AC/DC Bus ducts
Switchgear and MCCs
Cables and cable raceways
Generator Circuit Breakers
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Electrostatic Precipitators and Bags Filters
Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plants
De NOx Plants
Balance of Plant Equipment
Step up and Step down Transformers and IPBDs
HV Air Insulated Switchyard equipment's like Isolators, Circuit breakers, Conductors and protection panels Coal Crushers, Coal Wagon Tipplers, Conveyor belts, pulleys, Conveyor drive assembly, Coal Sampling devices, agnetic separators, etc
Wet Ash and Dry Ash handling Systems including High Concentration slurry transportation pumps, compressors, vacuum pumps, clinker grinders and pumps
Fire Detection and Protection systems
Water and effluent treatment plant
Air conditioning systems and ventilation fans
Fuel oil transfer pumps, fuel heaters, storage tanks
Pipes and fittings
Instruments and valves
Cables and cable trays
Combined Cycle Power Plant Equipment
Heat recovery Steam generators
Exhaust gas systems including dampers and stacks
Fuel gas treatment system and gas compressors
Pipes and fittings
Instruments and valves
Cables and cable trays
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